(Senden Sonra)

November 3-13, 2023


Between November 3rd and 13th, at the historical Hüsrev Kethüda Hamamı in Ortaköy, the second solo exhibition of contemporary artist Ayşe Betil, titled “After You,” which presented a multi-layered art show, met art enthusiasts.

The opening event, held on November 3rd and enriched with live music performances, brought together dozens of art lovers. Following the captivating opening activities, the exhibition continued to welcome art enthusiasts for 10 days. Drawing the interest of over a thousand visitors, the exhibition showcased 53 different artworks by Ayşe Betil, ranging from charcoal drawings to oil paintings, along with decoratively arranged spaces in line with the concept, visualized stories penned by Betil, and a rich array of music in various styles accompanying them.

In her exhibition “After You,” where the artist dedicates her works to everyone who left some traces, good or bad, in her life, the exhibited pieces evoke past traces and emotions in the viewers, receiving positive feedback. Ayşe Betil’s artworks take visitors on an emotional journey through their own pasts, occasionally evoking sadness, while the realistic atmosphere of the exhibition provides art enthusiasts with an unforgettable artistic experience.